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Salute Sicura since 2015 is a place dedicated to natural health and well-being

From 2015

Salute Sicura

Salute Sicura since 2015 is a place dedicated to natural health and well-being. Much more than a herbalist’s shop and bio-perfumery, a concept store where you can find services, products and professionals for our health, beauty, well-being and for a sustainable lifestyle, in full respect of us and our environment.

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Our staff

Maruska Giulianelli

Melissa Cadelano

Sonia Ferrarotti

Gianluca Graziani

Maruska Giulianelli

My experience in Naturopathy originates from a constant research and observation of beauty in its broadest sense, Universal.

The goal of maintaining its value, its meaning over time and above all in the here and now.

The personal and professional dedication in the artistic field, at an Expressive level and in conservative Restoration, today expands to an even larger and more complex work “the Person”.

My commitment as a Naturopath is to support the individual in their search for balance ; discovering their own colors, welcoming every nuance as an intrinsic value to the person and bearer of that individuality, called Beauty.

My profession has the main purpose of Educating the person to Wellbeing , that is to offer the information necessary to determine or restore a condition of equilibrium.

So let’s talk about Primary Prevention:

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Proper nutrition
  • The knowledge and enhancement of one’s strengths on the physical-emotional-psychic level
  • The support of Natural Remedies (Phytotherapy – Oligotherapy – Flower therapy – Aromatherapy …)

in soil analysis and functional disorders;

supportive in pathological disorders.

& nbsp;

The Naturopathic Consultancy

It is based on the evaluation of the “Constitution” or “Land”, that is the complex of structural, biochemical and psychic characteristics of an individual.

For this reason, each support path is subjective, aimed at the well-being of the individual.

& nbsp;

The Free Expression of Color and Stroke

It is one of the comparison tools that I use in consultancy; this allows me to capture the nuances of the person, determining a more accurate path of support.

The Expressive Elaborate is based on a global vision, in the individual parts as well as in the whole; the reading takes into account its various aspects.

Through Expression, the person will be able to access their own dimensions and consciously implement their own path of self-healing.

It represents a Universal language, it includes all ages and all cultures.

& nbsp;

The Calatonia

It indicates a condition of relaxation and release, it concerns both muscle tone and a deeper and more internal dimension of tension.

It represents a work on the body that uses tactile stimuli, through gentle touches in various points of it.

It is a manual relaxation technique that rebalances the person and gives a state of well-being.

The Naturopathic profession is based on the cooperation between the different Health Professionals and in the respect of the different competences.

Naturopath registered under No. 143 of the Ele.Na professional naturopaths list, pursuant to Law No. 4 of 14/03/2013.

Melissa Cadelano

Always passionate about biology and medicine. I graduated in Biology from the University of Cagliari, and subsequently a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Perugia.

Every person who enters my studio brings with himself the baggage of his own history and experiences, and somehow I like the idea of ​​being able to be part of her story and help her achieve her goals . I work with the idea of ​​change and improvement, and as with all things done well, it takes commitment, perseverance and determination, and teamwork always wins.

I deal with:

Anthropometric and bioimpedance analysis

Food and nutrition in known pathological conditions:

Food allergies and intolerances

Endocrine-metabolic disorders

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

Cardiovascular pathologies

Diseases of the urinary system

Autoimmune Diseases

Thinness, Overweight and Obesity

Pathophysiological nutritional deficiencies

Food education for adults and children

Food advice

Nutrition for adults, children and the elderly according to nutritional needs (LARN)

Nutrition for pregnant, breastfeeding and menopausal women

Ketogenic diet

Fodmap Diet

Paleo Diet

Apollo Method

Sonia Ferrarotti

I am a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, I have been dealing with helping relationships for more than 20 years.
It is not easy to decide to ask for help when a pain or a problem bursts into our existence. The first step is the hardest to take.
In the therapeutic path I make sure that the story of oneself becomes spontaneous and liberating.
I specialize in systemic-relational therapy: our relationships are often blocked by communication misunderstandings, which can create strong emotions (anger, pain, sadness …) that need to be processed.

I also lead Theater Therapy groups, in which you work on emotions, space, relationships, groups, creativity and above all on recognizing your personal resources to be able to use them in your life. All through irony and self-irony: I strongly believe in the therapeutic power of laughter and smile.

In all my activities I try to find the right key for each person who asks me for help.

These my activities:






My studio is in Città della Pieve (Pg), but I also work via Skype in online therapies outside the territory

Gianluca Graziani

I graduated with full marks and honors from the University of Florence.
I have been practicing private practice since 2012.
I specialized as a psychotherapist at the SIIPE in Rome, after a four-year course, in 2013 with full marks.
From 2013 to 2019 I collaborated as co-author on the drafting of an e-book on the use of Ericksonian hypnosis in psychotherapy and of a manual for specialists, currently being published, on the same topic.

Ericksonian psychotherapy is based on a positive concept of the individual and the ‘unconscious. He works from the here and now of the problem, framing it in the history of the person to endow it with meaning. It identifies the present and hidden RESOURCES, highlights them and enables them to solve the difficulty.
The unconscious is not a hiding place of secrets and traumas, but a warehouse of TOOLS just waiting to be used.

The psychotherapist works in synergy with the doctor, the nutritionist, the physiotherapist and other professional figures, in a HOLISTIC VIEW for which mind, awareness, body and human relationships must be considered as a whole.

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